At Kinnear Rifle Company we recognize the importance of integrity in the service industry.  This is why we set reasonable and attainable time and price quotes.  We work with our customers and strive to offer each individual our highest level of attention.  Kinnear Rifle Company is a professional company and we work to uphold our positive reputation.

In order to maintain a high standard to customer satisfaction, Kinnear Rifle Company uses quality tooling and machinery, and stays abreast of the latest firearm related news and innovations.  We are proud to serve our repeat customers and look forward to meeting our new clients.

Below is a list of our services:

Custom Rifles - Benchrest, Varmint and Hunting

Long Range and PRC

Lever Actions and Single Shot

Chambering standard calibers, wildcats, tight necks

Fluting (several widths and styles)

Full octogon - tapered octogon - half/rd

Action Blueprinting

Relining Centerfire and Rimfire Barrels

Old Lever Actions and Old Single Shots

Triggers installed and tuned

Custom bolt releases

Custom bolt handles

Barrel harmonic balancers (c/m or s/s)

Custom sight bases

Muzzle brakes

New stocks installed - wood or fiberglass

Stocks refinished

Recoil pads installed

Action bedding (pillar or conventional)

Barrel relining (C/F or R/F) - save that unique old barrel

Single Parts - Prototypes and firearm accessories

Custom Products

Dura Coat Finish - Various Colors


Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday    8:00 AM - 4:30 PM (MST)

Saturday/Sunday    Closed


Phone Numbers:

Sales & Service:  (307) 856-6414

Fax:                    (866) 892-6864



Info/Customer Service/Sales:   kinnearrifleco@yahoo.com



PO Box 279, Kinnear, WY  82516


6 Kinnear Spur, Box 279, Kinnear, WY  82516